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Jan. 18th, 2014

10:28 pm

Oh.  Livejournal is still a thing.

Aug. 17th, 2012

05:45 pm

Perhaps the greatest cover and music video combo you will ever witness.


Jul. 30th, 2012

07:35 pm

I need to clear out a lot of stuff from my house. Given I no longer have a working video player, videos would be a good place to start. I have assorted stuff - Dr Who (classic series, including some collectable tins), Goth tapes (Sisters / Mission / FotN / Cure / NMA / more) a little bit Metal stuff (Maiden / Dickinson solo / Metallica) and assorted bootlegs (Metallica / Jack off Jill / Sisters / Dead Kennedys / Kreator & Kovenant / more)

Some I'm happy for postage (or to give you in person) some I wouldn't mind seeing a coupla quid for especially as some are limited/collectable.

Drop me a mail : kev@twfmagazine.com for more info on any that interest you.

Jul. 4th, 2012

08:13 pm

The only album you need in your life


Jun. 17th, 2012

11:10 am

A few things to look forward to...

Feb. 29th, 2012

07:54 pm

Tickets on sale 9am Friday.

Priced £15.
Except London - £17.50

Feb. 24th, 2012

09:25 pm - Eisenfunk Shows

Jan. 23rd, 2012

08:10 pm

Exclusive UK Show

A triple threat of excellent industrial acts in Newcastle.

Tickets on sale now from listed outlets and includes entry to Tech Noir club afterwards.

Currently only planned EF UK show for 2012!

Dec. 28th, 2011

08:42 pm

So, my albums of the year.

I've heard some or all of over 200 albums this year (eek!) and there are some high profile absentees.  Equally, I don't claim I've heard every key album this year.   So anything omitted from the list is because I've either not heard it or there were (at least) 20 albums I felt were better.

Remix albums, live albums, EPs, re-issues, etc. not counted.


EP of the year : Kirlian Camera - Ghloir Ar An Oiche

And of course non-scene album of the year : Lady Gaga - Born this Way

But after that, my top 20 Goth/Industrial/Post-Punk/etc albums of the year are......

20) Action Directe - The Red Album
19) Surgyn - Vanity
18) Anne Marie Hurst - Day of Days
17) Saltatio Mortis - Sturm auf Paradies
16) V2A - Machine Corps
15) Necro Facility - Winter Mute
14) She Wants Revenge - Valleyheart
13) The Mission Veo - Strangers
12) Covenant - Modern Ruin
11) Gates of Dawn - Lucid Dreaming
10) Cold in May - Gone Away With the Memories
9) Dismantled - The War Inside Me
8) Roterfeld - Blood Diamond Romance
7) Vic Anselmo - In My Fragile
6) Imperative Reaction - Imperative Reaction
5) Erotic Elk - Solitary
4) Miserylab - Void of Life
3) Mono Inc - Viva Hades
2) Within Temptation - The Unforgiving
and finally....
1) Aesthetic Perfection - All Beauty Destroyed

And there we go.   Plenty of good stuff you probably know and plenty worth checking out IMO.

Dec. 22nd, 2011

08:27 pm

And so...

I'm doing my 'Albums of the Year' on my radio show on Tuesday (www.aceradio.co.uk 8pm-10pm) it's the top 20.  Possibly time for some honorable mentions as well (I hope) - like really cracking tunes that were on albums not in the top 20 (like maybe on singles or albums that just missed out...)

My top 20 of last year is here : http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=499381074856
It'll be very undemocratic but probably not bias.  Some of my friends-bands miss out, so they might not be my friends come January... haha

In the meantime...

Some live bands of the year.  Based upon only what I saw with my eyes.

The Hyperactive Ross Noble Award Goes To...
I just made that award up.  I can't not mention Paresis because, seriously that performance in Newcastle was something special.  
Actually I'll give it a better award title.
We'll call it the : Nicest Surprise Award.  Where a band I've checked out unknowingly has totally blown me away.
Basically, Paresis is one guy - Simon - he has a laptop and a keyboard and a guitar.  And he plays them all.  Sometimes all at the same time.  And sings and growls.  It's like someone heard Combichrist remixed Morbid Angel and thought I can soooo do that better - and did.

The Hilarious Comedy Award Goes to...
They managed to provide one of the funniest bits of comedy I've seen on a live stage since the infamous Chris Booker show in Whitby - they didn't have a Wolf organ, sadly, but they were funny as fuck.
Basically what you've got is a bit Saturday afternoon karaoke, completed with some bizarre and over theatrical dancing from scantily clad women - which involved an inevitable (but unplanned) wardrobe malfunction.  Please... this is a family show....

The I've Never Seen You Live But want to award...
Lost Area
Even though they've been through about 27 line-up changes since I got into them and have also changed musical style quite dramatically.  I think now more than ever I want to see how they pull 'Phoenix' off ;-)

I know. I cheated with the last one.

Best Guitar Based/Goth band...
Fucking impossible to separate.
I've two'd and frowed but we've got 2 bands who I've seen twice this year who've both been mouthwatering on both occassions.   First is Anne Marie Hurst.  It's simple.  You take the best Skeletal Family tracks the best Ghost Dance tracks and you mash them together and then you add some really smart new tracks.  'Lost in Munich' man, 'Lost in Munich'!  You then wrap it up with a bucket load of energy and a girl who just wants to have fun and kapow... your mind is blown.
The other is The Last Cry.  On a live stage, Andrew just pours himself into the performance and there's just this buzz and awe that radiates.  It's always fiercely overblown but, well, in a good way.  Whereas you get tired watching AMH buzzing around the stage at 50mph, you get emotionally drained watching TLC - you'll need a refreshing drink afterwards as you wipe your brow and go "phwoar... that was good...."

Best Gothic-Metal
It's one of those hard lines because, well, Winter in Eden and Leaves Eyes both chucked in blinding performances.  But neither of them are Within Temptation.  Sorry.  I mean, I love you and that.  But, well, you're just not Within Temptation.   I'll be honest I mean, I love the new album but I was still a touch apprehensive as WT have come a long way since I saw them last (8 years previous... eek...!) and you know, age and kids and touring and stuff - well - you could be forgiven if it took the edge off you.  But... nope.   They're an epic band and it was a completely killer performance.
Though not as good as '03 ;-)

Best Steampunk
Coppelius.  By default.  They're the only Steampunk band I saw this year.  OK, you can now try to force another band into Steampunk and go "well you've seen them"
Did they take a photo of the crowd using a pin-hole camera?
No....?  Well..... 

Best Industrial/Electro
Another tough one.  I could probably cheat a bit here and split the genre down a bit to make sure the two it's tight between don't have to share honours.
But.  I won't.
Aesthetic Perfection and Covenant.
I mean there've been a few good performances I've seen this year, some good shows from Mesh (especially when they brought out Vic Anselmo!) and VNV and Uberbyte never disappoint and of course, Spucktute - but I think AP and Covenant are the two clear best here.
Covenant, actually I don't think I quite appreciated them until this gig.  Sure, plenty of songs here and there I enjoy.  But this gig was beyond that.  It was pure masters at work.  The lights were minimal, but there was a warm glow from the performance.  Plus Eskil's voice is stunning, just stunning.
Still got it.
Aesthetic Perfection.   I suppose I'm kinda stoked cos Newcastle was their first UK headline gig and there was stuff I was a little bit worried about that just proved to not be an issue so I think it's one that the people and the support bands really added to.   The guys peered round and watched Paresis and I betchya they were like "shit, this guy is going down a storm - we have to follow him" - so they did :-)
Again, it's like this - 'A Violent Emotion' - album of 2008, easily.  'All Beauty Destroyed' - fucking fantastic.  There are some clever ideas in there but away from the cleverness on a "I'm on this stage, singing you these songs" level they just romped home.  Class.

Biggest Disappointment
Utah Saints.  I suppose, I dunno, I think I was hoping for the band performance but it was DJs which I still gave a chance, but it wasn't for me.  It did just end up making a load of DJ jokes.  ""I'm gonna go here mate - watch out the way, I'll get this place jumping" and then put on Prince Charming'

And finally...

The I haven't mentioned The Sisters Award
I have now.  They were bloody good.  

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